Rancho San Julian Beef offers 100% Grass- Fed Beef, as well as Farm Finished Beef, where the animals are finished on a completely vegetarian diet or regionally grown hay and grains. All Rancho San Julian Beef is born, grown and grazed on site and we absolutely never use any hormones or antibiotics. All Rancho San Julian Cattle are raised humanely and graze on a rotational system and are all traceable. Each cow and calf is given an ear tag so we can know the history of each animal.


For Saturday Deliveries to Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Montecito

please place your order by contacting

Rancho San Julian

by FRIDAY before 12PM

For Tuesday Deliveries to LA please place your order by contacting

Rancho San Julian

by MONDAY before 12PM

Farmers are the backbone of our communities, growing and producing all the incredible food the restaurants we deliver from use to create the amazing meals you and I enjoy. If you have a farm box or offer locally raised beef, chicken or other meats, we would love to offer an outlet here for all of your hard work and dedication. You produce it and we'll deliver it! 

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